2 Phunky Radio Launch

Posted on: September 26, 2018,
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The launch of 2 Phunky Radio Station is upon us

With the launch of 2 Phunky radio station on October 12th 2018, we are aiming to supply our listeners with a wide variety of music genres that includes oldskool house, funky house, techno, disco and nu skool.

The 2 phunky website is primarily a meeting ground for DJ’s, music lovers and listeners, were they can get together and group chat, play great live music, share memories, ideas and banter. We are a relatively new radio station, but do not let that fool you in the slightest that we have no idea what we are doing, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the DJ and club scene including all the tech side of things to help you broadcast worldwide to the internet and various places where other radio stations cannot reach.

The name ‘2 Phunky Radio‘ was founded by Steve Stone from the name ‘2 Phunky Promotions‘ in which Steve a talented, seasoned DJ who hosted events at many clubs which included: 1995 – 2002 at Crown & Cusion in Bolton, 1997 – 1999 at The Temple in Bolton, 1998 – 1999 at Sol & Viva in Bury, 2001 – 2003 at Soft in Manchester, 2001 – 2003 at Jarbar in Manchester and 2003 – 2004 at Pure in Stockport under the ‘2 Phunky Promotions name’.

We are looking for seasoned radio DJ’s or even established club DJ’s that maybe looking stream live on a custom built platform, contact us today via social media or fill in one of our contact forms.

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Our website is growing in new functionality every week, currently we are developing our Android App and iOS App that will help people on the go listen to our dedicated radio station.

We have many things on the road map for our website which includes:

Front end posting, where you can post releases or your live mixes or track releases directly on our website for exposure.

A dedicated music forum, in which registered users can request or post tune ID’s, downloads, events and even more.

A useful DJ / Member section, which will include important information for streaming or your account information.

Other Services, radio streaming, web hosting, web design/development and graphic design will soon be available.

Useful links archive, for other radio stations, digital download stores and independent vinyl stores.

2 Phunky Radio Station is a unique platform, to help DJs and it’s members get the best out of a radio station so they can promote themselves, their shows and talent, we will also aim to provide dedicated drops that each DJ will have and have access in the coming months to an archive of media that only dedicated 2 Phunky DJs will have access to.