New Chat System

Posted on: October 7, 2018,
chat updated

The New Chat System is now available!

With the ever growing issues of how to integrate systems and also keeping it easy for users to simply chat to others and the lives DJs, this all co insides with the problem where we do not manage the current chat system.

The current chat system is outdated, information held on non UK servers and just simply trying to chat can be a pain. The up time with the current system is poor especially when we are at peak time or when we have live DJs on.

Our new chat system has a powerful backend, in where the 2 phunky radio staff are able to manage it efficiently and with ease. We have also made it so simply to chat, no need to even select a name, you can change it at any point when chatting, you can also register for a full account if you wish to at any point, which also fully integrates to our website for our forums, chat and other features which will become available soon.

The new version of our chat also has new features such as

  • Emojis
  • Post embedded links for gifs (coming soon)
  • Search for them via giphy
  • Join other chats & create your own chat room (coming soon)

You can also change your own chat settings which includes

  • Chat sounds
  • Shoe names rather than avatars
  • Block private chats
  • Hiding certain areas of the chat